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  • Saturday, October 15th, 2017 – San Jose, CA – This year is the 10th Annual CBA Conference, which CBA strives to reach the broader Asian American community addressing relevant themes in modern times and driving greater inspiration and discussion among the community – on topics that Asian Americans can use in their everyday life. This year, we will be collaborating with Kika Sensei and host an Ikebana workshop. Visit Eventbrite to get your tickets ASAP as seats are limited!
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50th Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Anniversary

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 50th Anniversary events. This year we donated a record amount to the Northern California Cherry Blossom Queen Program.

We would like to thank Origami Artist, Linda Mihara, for donating a special design of 1000 paper cranes on behalf of Cherry Blossom Alumnae for the 50th Anniversary Gala. The paper cranes were folded by the Festival’s former court members in commemoration of the Festival’s 50th Anniversary. The design consists of 50 pink paper cranes that forms cherry blossom flowers that adorns the gold kimono.

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Annual CBA Events



CBA Conference

Each year, CBA hosts a conference in San Francisco Japantown to discuss issues relevant to Japanese American women. The 2014 Conference’s theme was “Career Secrets Every Asian American Should Know”. René Shimada Siegel, the keynote speaker, is president and founder of High Tech Connect, a regular contributor to, and a passion advocate for creating your best work and life.

CBA Alumnae Picnic

CBA Reunion Picnic

In August, CBA invites former Cherry Blossom Court members and their immediate families to a reunion picnic in the San Francisco/Bay Area. It has been a huge success, not only to reunite with other CBA members, but also to create new friendships and share in a Japanese American tradition of Japanese picnic games from the 20th century that was common at kenjinkai picnics.

2011 Northern Cal Soy and Tofu Fest

Volunteer Opportunities

CBA volunteers at numerous events throughout the year including Northern California Cherry Blossom Queen Program, Soy & Toy Festival, and Japantown Foundation’s Osechi Ryori Fundraiser.

Obon Bazaar

Cultural Activities

CBA members participates in many cultural events throughout the year. Some events include Mountain View Buddhist Temple Obon and the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival . CBA has also organized a sushi class where Chef Kaz taught us how to make rainbow roll, caterpillar roll, and hand rolls!