8th Annual CBA Conference – Sushi Making Class

Thank you to those who attended CBA’s very first sushimaking class with Chef . We hope you had a great time!


Please click here for the recipes from Chef Kaz. Also, you can visit our Facebook album for photos from the event.


If you buy Japanese ingredients or supplies, please consider purchasing them in SF Japantown. Our local merchants (such as Soko Hardware) would appreciate the business as we do need to support them to keep Japantown strong. There are also local Japanese markets such as Takahashi’s and Suruki (both in San Mateo) that are family owned, and Chef Kaz has also provided some recommendations in the link for the recipes.
“I was so inspired by Chef Kaz, when I got home on Sunday I realized I had cucumber, avocado and salmon in my fridge and quickly made some hand rolls for dinner for my kids (a Japanese household always has rice and nori at home).  It was so simple and easy (okay, I did skip the sushi rice and went with plain white rice), but I realized it’s so easy to incorporate what we learned on Sunday into our lives. “
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