50th Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Anniversary

50th Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Anniversary

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 50th Anniversary events. This year we donated a record amount to the Northern California Cherry Blossom Queen Program.

On Friday 4/7 we had our Reunion Party and met so many fantastic former court members, as well as some Queen Program and Festival Committee members.

A great thank you to all of the former court members that contributed to the Queen Program as well as the court gift. The 2017 Court was extremely excited and all set for their busy year!

For the first time ever in the history of the Cherry Blossom Festival, there were 69 former court members attending the Queen Program: 1 from the 1960s, 5 from the 1970s, 9 from the 1980s, 18 from the 1990s, 15 from the 2000s and 21 from the 2010s (and this was only those who were on stage!)

Some video highlights of the Queen Program are here

CBA also participated in the 50th Anniversary Gala Celebration. It was great to once again see former court members come together and celebrate the history of the Festival and honor those who have participated for 50 years.

We would like to thank Origami Artist, Linda Mihara, for donating a special design of 1000 paper cranes on behalf of Cherry Blossom Alumnae for the 50th Anniversary Gala. The paper cranes were folded by the Festival’s former court members in commemoration of the Festival’s 50th Anniversary. The design consists of 50 pink paper cranes that forms cherry blossom flowers that adorns the gold kimono.

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Seeking Former Court Members

Finding Missing Former Court Members In 2017, the 50th anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Festival, we are planning the largest reunion of former court members ever!  Please help us in locating former Cherry Blossom Court members – if they are not receiving my email updates, then we don’t have their contact information.  We do all our communication via email since we are a nonprofit organization, so if you know of any former court members who have not been contacted by CBA – including your own court – please provide their contact information using this link:

Thanks for your help and support!

7th Annual CBA Conference – Career Secrets Every Asian American Should Know

This year’s theme was “Career Secrets Every Asian American Should Know.” Asian Americans are considered a “model minority” and believe they will be rewarded in their career – perhaps with a promotion or raise – if they just work hard. Yet too often that is not the criteria and wonder what they need to do differently. Learn how successful Asian Americans leverage technology and other tools to help their career, and gain secrets that you can immediately use in your career.

We are so grateful to have

Rene Shimada Siegel at SRK Headshot Day

Keynote Speaker: René Shimada Siegel President and Founder, High Tech Connect René Shimada Siegel is president and founder of High Tech Connect, a marketing and communications consulting agency serving Silicon Valley tech firms for 17 years.


Master of Ceremonies: Mike Inouye NBC Bay Area Traffic Anchor Mike Inouye is the two-time Emmy Award-winning Traffic Anchor for “Today in the Bay,” weekday mornings on NBC Bay Area.

Thank you to our amazing panelists – Vicky Wong, Albert Qian and Dianne Le.